Surprise! We are Engaged!



Merry (almost) Christmas! Today I have a huge announcement for you all. This past Sunday, Drew popped the question and I said yes!

If you don’t know, Drew and I started dating almost two and a half years ago.  We met through mutual friends in the summer of 2015 and the rest is history.  While I was still at Baylor, we did long distance and saw each other on the weekends.  This was great because we were still able to have our own time with our respective friends during the week, but still get quality time together on the weekends.

After college, we both moved back to Dallas and started work here.  We both knew we wanted to get married eventually.  After things settled down this fall, we started talking more and more about marriage.  We knew that if we were going to get married, we wanted to join a church we loved and get involved there first. In October, we became members at Watermark in Dallas.

A couple of weeks ago, Drew started being very shady when it came to me seeing his phone.  Generally, we are super honest with each other and let the other play around/take pictures on our phones; so that was a little suspicious.  Little did I know, he was texting some of my closest friends (and future bridesmaids!) about the whole ordeal.

Then, he took my dad to lunch to ask for his blessing.  We both knew that this was something my parents expected before we got engaged.  And, my dad told him yes!

On Sunday, December 17, Drew took me to Enchant, a Christmas light maze in Arlington. Earlier in the week, Drew had mentioned that he had gotten us tickets to the light show because he had heard it was really pretty from his sister.  The thought of engagement had crossed my mind, but I brushed it off.  Drew knew how much I loved Christmas, so him setting up something like this wasn’t really out of the ordinary.

When we got there and entered the maze, we got cards to scratch off each reindeer’s name until we got to Rudolf, the last reindeer.  The whole place was gorgeous, actually.  We walked around and the whole time, I noticed Drew texting on his phone constantly. I was a little annoyed because I didn’t know who he was texting or why he was on his phone so much rather than enjoying the show.

Finally, we came to Rudolf, where we scratched his name off. There were so many little kids around that I wanted to get out of that area, so I scurried around the corner and waited for Drew so we could finish the maze.

He came around the corner, pulled me off to the side and said, “You know I love you right?” And I said, “Of course, I love you too.” And then he got down on one knee and thats when it really clicked.  He gave me a whole speech, but I honestly can’t remember it because I was in shock.

Then he asked, “Will you marry me?” And I said yes!  As we embraced, I noticed my dad and mom behind him taking pictures, as well as one of his friends taking pictures on Drew’s camera.  He had brought my parents out to see it happen, I was so happy.  It was honestly the happiest moment of my life.

After we took pictures and said goodbye to my parents, Drew said we had to head back to my apartment.  To my surprise, all of our friends were there to celebrate with us! We had a little engagement party and I had a little too much champagne.

Drew told me he had been planning this for a few weeks. The people he had been constantly texting were our friends to set up the engagement party.  He had given one of my friends his key to “break in” and set it all up.  He also had been texting my parents about where to meet while we were walking around.

Now, I get to marry the man I have been dreaming about and praying for all of my life.  I know you are probably wondering when we are getting married; we haven’t set a date yet. But we are looking at March or April of 2019!




Now comes the fun part, the wedding planning! If you have any tips for planning a wedding, let me know in the comments!




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