5 Things to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving (+ A Free Printable)

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Isn’t it crazy that it is already the end of November? Thanksgiving is finally here.  It feels like we were just celebrating Labor Day… and now its the holiday season! Wondering what to ear this Thanksgiving? Check out my post on outfit ideas here!

Before you and your loved ones carve the turkey this Thanksgiving, take a minute to talk about all of the things you are thankful for this year.  2017 has been an amazing year for some; but a hard one for others. Taking a minute to reflect on our blessings is a great way to start off everyone’s favorite meal.

Not only is it important to reflect on these things on Thursday, but it is also important to think about these blessings throughout the holiday season, too.

When traffic gets bad, lines get long and people get cranky, its easy to become an unpleasant version of yourself around the holiday season. Taking a breather and thinking about all of the blessings around you are a great way to stay thankful.  At least that car you’re sitting in traffic in is running; you have the money to buy gifts for your loved ones.  Some aren’t as fortunate.

Here are a few things I am thankful for this holiday season:

  1. Family, friends and an amazing boyfriend who all support me.
  2. My health, even when I eat too much stuffing on thanksgiving.
  3. A great job and an apartment that keeps me warm.
  4. The little joys in life, like scented candles and Sunday naps.
  5. Jesus’ mercy and grace, even when I get a little mad.

I have also made a printable for you and your family.  Print these off and hand them out to your loved ones to fill out this Thanksgiving, then go around the room and talk about your blessings as you’re enjoying a delicious meal.


Click here to download the PDF: HappyThanksgiving!


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