Gift Guide: Tassel Earrings

Christmas is just around the corner, so I am starting a mini-series on gift ideas for those in your life.  Rather than throwing a bunch of ideas at you, I am going to tell you about a few products I love that would be great gifts as well as show you some things I am giving my loved ones this holiday season.

The Tassel Earrings

We saw this trend earlier this summer; these statement earrings are adorable and a refreshing change from silver or gold hoops by integrating fringe into your ear accessories.  This winter, tassel earrings seem to have taken over, and with good reason.  They are fun earrings that tie any holiday look together.

What they are: Tassel earrings are a group of threads connected and fashioned together with either a hook or a stud to form the season’s hottest ear accessory. The tassel earring uses materials other than metal, which is probably why it is so popular.

Who they would look great on: These would be a great gift for your mom, a stylish friend or any woman in your life… they would even look great on you.

How to wear them: You can wear them with a cable-knit sweater to dress up a cozy look.  You can wear them to a holiday party and let the earrings tie the outfit together. They can even be worn to work; pull your hair in a sleek bun and pair it with a pair of tassel earrings for a great look.

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What do you think about the tassel earrings?! Let me know in the comments!



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