Favorite Devotional Apps


Happy Sunday! I hope you are all had a restful weekend.  I know that I am spending the day on my couch after church and brunch.  Today will also include lots of naps and some down time, if we are being honest.

One thing that I have really gotten into recently is devotional apps on my phone.  I love being able to read my emotional on the go; it really helps me feel closer to God when things get a bit hectic.  Here are two of my favorites:

  • First 5: This is a devotional app that basically takes you through a series each month.  The great thing about First 5 is that each day the lesson can be read in about five or so minutes. I have really found myself reading First 5 while I’m waiting on a meeting to start or while I’m waiting in line to grab some lunch.  I love the convenience of this app and have found myself looking forward to it every day.
  • SheReadsTruth: This is a great app for women on the go, I really love the cute little typography signs that SheReadsTruth makes, too.  The devotions in this app are great because you can choose a plan to go through independently over the course of two weeks, a month or even a whole year. I really like this concept so I can start a plan on an odd day and still be able to follow it.

I really love these apps because they keep the messages pretty short while I am still able to get fed.  I can also read these any time of the day or when I have a few extra minutes.

What are your favorite devotion apps? Let me know in the comments, I would love to check them out!


The above “header photo” is courtesy of SheReadsTruth.  

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