Loose Knit Sweaters for Fall





Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  Even in high school, as soon as temps cooled down, I was visiting all of the outdoor pumpkin patches with all of my friends before it got too cold.  I have always loved the foliage this time of the year, and if it is this pretty in Texas, I can almost imagine how pretty it must be up north where it actually cools off before mid-October.

Since I live in the middle of Dallas, it was a little harder than I thought to find a good pumpkin patch. So, Drew and I drove out to the closest one to me in Plano, which was great.  They had lots of pumpkins at this little church; I loved it.

Today, I wanted to show you guys some great pieces that I found to help me stay cool in the warmer falls here in Texas.  Each of these pieces are great to pair with another cooler item of clothing to help alleviate the heat.




Sweater | Jeans | Boots \ Necklace

I purchased this sweater a couple of months ago from clearance at Nordstrom Rack (#score!) and it is Vince Camuto.  I am linking a similar one on the picture that is at about the same price point; and here is another one that looks just like mine. I love this sweater because it is a looser knit, keeping things light and cute at the same time. I have also worn this sweater with shorts a lot lately since it has been unseasonably warm in Texas.  The key to wearing sweaters but staying cool is looking for a looser knit and a lighter material.  Basically, choose cotton over wool if it is still warm in your area around this time of the year. Since these types of sweaters are great for transitioning, you can also layer them in the colder winter months, too.

I purchased these jeans back in the summer, and have been jumping on every opportunity to wear them since temps have cooled off. They are super light which is great, but they are also a dark wash, making them a great transitional piece for fall. Pair them with a looser knit sweater for those cooler nights.

Also, I am linking my booties that I found in a little boutique last year… they run a little big, so size down! They were my go-to game-day booties last year and I love throwing them on with some jeans or a skirt for a night out, too.

What is your favorite fall piece? Let me know in the comments!




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