ACL Weekend 2 Recap





Y’all, I need a coffee. After getting back from Austin yesterday morning, I have not stopped.  But I wanted to briefly share with my lovely readers some memories from this amazing weekend at Austin City Limits Music Festival.

For those of y’all who don’t know, Austin City Limits (or ACL for short) is an annual music festival that brings many groups and artists down to Austin for two weekends in the fall.  This was the 30th year that the music festival has been around. Every year, they have an awesome lineup of popular and up-and-coming bands performing.  In addition to this, they also have art installments and great local eats at the festival as well.

Drew and I drove down on Friday to enjoy three days of music, fun and great food.  It is something we have done for the past couple of years, so to say I was excited was an understatement.


Like every year, ACL brought some great artists to the festival.  Ice Cube, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Chance the Rapper were there, just to name a few.

When we arrived Friday evening, we saw Foster the People.  They’re a great band with a few hits like “Pumped Up Kicks”; I had heard their set the previous weekend on the radio, so I was pretty excited to see them in person.

Saturday, we arrived early to hang out and listen to some lesser known bands.  That afternoon, we saw Ice Cube, Glass Animals and a few other artists.  That evening, we saw both Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chance the Rapper.  By the end of the day on Saturday, we were exhausted from the heat and walking so much.

Sunday was great because we got to walk around the grounds before shows.  That evening, we saw Portugal The Man, Zhu, Gorillaz and The Killers.  In my opinion, Sunday has the best lineup of the weekend. Don’t get me wrong, all of the days had awesome artists; however, Sunday was my favorite.


Every time I go to a music festival, I never really know what to wear.  This year, denim skirts are really on trend, so I decided to go with that look one day.  For the other two days, I chose to wear shorts; the temps were in the high 80s, so I was pretty comfortable.

The key to dressing for festivals is comfortable footwear and cool clothes. We walked over 15,000 steps every day we were there, so being comfortable is key.  When you’re standing in a huge crowd with lots of people in the sun, you want clothes that will breathe.

Day 1 Look: Shirt | Shorts | Similar Flannel | Shoes
Day 2 Look: Shirt | Skirt
Day 3 Look: Shirt | Shorts (not pictured here)

Have a great week everyone!



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