Fall into Fall (Home Decor + Style Guide)

If you are like me and live in Texas, then you are probably already dreaming of fall, the leaves changing colors and all things pumpkin spice.  This week in Dallas, it seems we are having a ‘cold front,’ yes you read that right.  This mid-summer cold front means a little bit of rain and temps in the mid-80s; for Texans, this is a huge relief.

For me, it makes me want to bake some pumpkin muffins, throw on one of the cozy sweaters I picked up during the #NSale and sit in front of a fire.  Am I getting ahead of myself?  It is only the beginning of August after all.

However, I am already looking at how I’m going to start that transition into fall.  Hopefully temperatures will start cooling down at the end of this month which means I can really start decorating, even if the official first day of autumn isn’t until September 22.

Home Decor:

Year-round, my home decor is pretty basic.  I keep my furniture mostly neutral colors and add in pops of color as the seasons change.  This fall, I am focusing on earth tones such as golds and reds. These will also be great when I transition my home into the Christmas season.

Thankfully, the DIY farmhouse decor style is still on trend this year.  With places like Hobby Lobby and Homegoods selling lots of great products at a great price, it should be easy to incorporate some chalkboards and wooden pieces into my otherwise contemporary decor.

Keep berry tones in your fall decor to help transition your home to the winter holiday; it will make decorating much easier later on.  Between you and me, I am already ready to unpack the Christmas tree.

In addition to all of this, I am also adding a couple of pieces from my alma mater around the house.  Football season is almost here and game days are best spent yelling “Sic ’em.”


As for my wardrobe, I am following somewhat of the same pattern as my home decor.  I know that mustard yellow and grey shades will be very on trend this winter. I also noticed that denim is making a huge comeback (think miniskirts and lots of jeans during football season).  Cozy knits, ruffles and booties are going to be huge this fall as well.  I might even incorporate a plaid button-down into my wardrobe this fall; I hear they are super comfy.

This fall, you can probably catch me in lots of cutesy denim or corduroy skirts and cozy sweaters for game day fun.  When it comes to work, I will probably wear lots of long knit cardigans with dark berry or earth tone dresses and booties or heels.  If you know me, then you know I am all about being comfy and cute.

Right now, my favorite stores for updating my closet for fall are Nordstrom, Apricot Lane, TJ Maxx and Madewell. As you can see, I shop at a variety of different places, in addition to thrift shopping, too.  I know that as soon as that first leaf falls from a tree, I am going to be shifting my wardrobe from light summer wear to cozy fall clothes.

How are you transitioning your decor and wardrobe into the fall season?


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