Say Hello to My Bachelorette Pad!

Hi there friends!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally moved into my new apartment! I never thought the day would come, living in the city alone; but it is here and it is great.  Getting all of my stuff into my new place and unpacking took what felt like forever.

Who knew I had so much stuff?

Any ways, I am 99% unpacked and enjoying my cute little apartment.  Not only am I in love with the space, it also has amazing amenities like a pool, gym and great appliances in my unit.  I am so happy I chose to live here; it is a quality place.  It is also in a great location with lots of shopping and restaurants near by.  (There’s a DSW across the street and the Galleria is 10 minutes away.  RIP to my bank account.)

After finally getting moved in and unpacked, the fun part began: decorating!  I tried to keep my rooms as neutral as possible so I could add throw pillows, figurines and other decorations as the seasons change, rather than redoing the whole room every few months.  Not only is this easier, but it’s more affordable to change out the little stuff rather than buying a new rug/bed spread/furniture a few times a year.


In the kitchen, I put out all of my small appliances and got new white plates.  Since its summer, I picked out some fun salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen island.  Instead of getting a dining table, I opted for barstools at the island instead.  This means less to move out later on; and it gave me room for a desk. (I know, I know, I don’t have said barstools yet. But I am getting some next weekend!) On the refrigerator, I made a cute printout of my Wifi information for guests using InDesign.

JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-6
I love all of the counter space in the kitchen!
JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-8
Started a little gallery wall… Need some more pieces to hang.
JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-5
Obsessed with my new shopper.


In the living room, I chose to keep the color palettes neutral, and save a few pops of color for seasonal items.  Around football season, I will hang up some Baylor gear for game day parties. And y’all. This couch is so comfy… like, I napped for 2 hours on it on Sunday; best purchase ever.  As for the side table and coffee table, I actually purchased them second-hand.  I am also in love with the large windows in the living area as well.  It’s been stormy here lately, so I’ve been opening the blinds up and watching the rain.

JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-2
Hands down my favorite room in my new place.
JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-3
Got the entertainment center complete with pillows and blankets too!


In my room, I kept things neutral by using a mirrored night stand that can go with any color scheme and keeping my bed frame and bed spread flexible colors as well.  I am so happy with the size of my room; I can fit my black chair in here too.  It is perfect for curling up with a book on a lazy weekend.

JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-9
Haven’t gotten all of my stuff hung up yet, but this is a start.
JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-14
Love my lil tassels above the bed.
JPEG image-13FD9FD6803A-16
A couple of pictures my uncle painted a while back, hung in my room.


What do y’all think? I am loving this place. Let me know if you have any ideas for more decorating; I would love to hear them! 


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