Sprinkles Plano Sneak Peak Recap

While most people I know celebrated their Memorial Day off on the lake or by the pool, I spent the holiday from work in a bit of a, well, unconventional way this year: standing in line for a cupcake. But not just any cupcake, one of the most delicious, flavorful cupcakes: Sprinkles.  They were holding a sneak-peak party for their new shop in Plano’s up-and-coming shopping center, Legacy West.


I have always loved these pretty cupcakes, ever since their shop opened in Dallas a few years back.  I can recall so many summer nights, when me and my best friends would drive down the Tollway at odd hours just to get a taste of these tiny cakes out of their ever-so-famous Cupcake ATM.   Now that I am finally about to move closer to the original ATM, they finally put one in Plano.  Oh well, at least there are two convenient locations: one close to work and the other near my apartment.

I had been excited for the new Plano location since they announced it last year, so when I saw the company’s post on Instagram about getting an invite to the sneak peak party, I jumped on it.  I was hyped. When I got the email back with more information, I texted my boyfriend, Drew, and made plans for that day.

Drew and I in line for the sneak peak party!

When it finally rolled around, we were so excited, we arrived right at four (like the invitation had said) only to find out everyone else had the same idea.  Although we had to stand in the line for about half an hour, it was all worth it once we were told we would get a free cupcake treat and another to take home.

A picture from outside the store, it was so fun being able to go in before it opens.

Once we made it inside, there were even more people.   However, we thankfully got our order in quickly and then began another lengthy wait.  But we couldn’t really complain because we got to check out the new Sprinkles before it was officially open to the public.

Excuse the glare, but so many cupcakes… I was in heaven!

Once we got our treats, we headed outside to eat them.  I got a red velvet cupcake with red velvet ice cream in my sundae.  And Drew got a vanilla cupcake with coffee ice cream for his.  It was the perfect treat on a hot, sunny day.  We agreed that we would definitely be back, even if it was crowded.   HUGE shoutout to everyone working there today, y’all did great with all of the customers!

Sprinkles Sundaes on a Monday
LOVE their boxes, the perfect size!

I would definitely recommend checking out Sprinkles if you have one in your area.  They are great cupcakes, and its a really unique experience.  If you’re vegan or gluten-free, they even have options for you as well!

How did you spend your Memorial Day? Let me know in the comments!



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