7 Savvy Ways to Make Moving a Little Easier


Moving blog

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know that after graduation, I’m moving to Dallas for work (amongst other things).  With a little less than a week before I walk across the stage, I am freaking out… just a little. But am very excited about all of the changes.

I have moved every year of college and I’m hoping that I won’t be moving for a couple of years once I get to Dallas, so I want this move to be as organized as possible.  I am already starting to put some seasonal stuff in boxes.  But before I get too far, I want to share some organizational tips on making any move go as smooth and as organized as possible:

  • Labels: I would definitely recommend labelling everything.  Put a label on the box with the room it will go in and a number.  (I’ll tell you why the number is important later!)I love labels, so this is perfect if you’re as type-A as I am.  I recommend finding one of the billion (cute) printable on Pinterest.  They’re great.
  • Lists: So remember that number I told you to put on the box in the above point? This is where that number comes in handy.  You will need a correlating list with that number on it that lists what goes in the box, so you know where everything is when you need it.
  • Change of address: So for this, you will need to sit down and call or go online to change your address everywhere you use your credit card online.  First, change the address on your license and at your bank. Then, move onto websites like Netflix and Spotify that also use your address for billing. Then move onto your favorite websites where you do most of your shopping. Finally, make sure you went to the post office and filed a change of address, so your mail can be forwarded to your new address.
  • Unpack one box at a time: Do this in small increments, otherwise it can be overwhelming.  Maybe unpack a box and then take a step back and organize your closet or take a break.  Moving can be stressful, I know.
  • Make sure to keep your important documents handy: Keep these close by in case there are any issues with your lease/closing.  Make sure you don’t lose your passport or ID in this move.
  • Pack a bag for the first night: Your first evening in your new place might be a little stressful, especially if you’re exhausted and trying to unpack.  Try to pack a bag with the necessities and an extra change of clothes for the next day.  You will be thankful when you’re able to quickly get ready for bed after a long moving day.
  • Have fun with this:  You are moving, its an exciting change in your life! Enjoy this time.  Turn on some music and dance around in your new apartment.  Pop some bubbly! Celebrate this time in your life and relax.

Moving can be difficult.  What are your tips? I need all the help I can get to make this move easier!


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