How I Relax After a Long Day

I am currently standing (…well, sitting) in the middle of finals week, which means school is almost out…but this also means lots of stressful days stand between me and graduation. Although this won’t be the last stressful season in my life, I know that this is the last stressful time while I’m in school.  My procrastination is at an all-time high, which means that motivation is at an all time low.  This is a recipe for high stress (and maybe a few tears).

For those stressful days, I have a few remedies:

  • Hot tea: I drink lots of tea throughout the week, especially to help me relax before bed. Its great because the warm drink always makes me feel like I’m sitting by a relaxing fire.  I love it; and with shops like Teavana, you can find a blend that works for you.
  • Yoga/exercise: So, as they say, exercise releases endorphins, which make people happy.  These same endorphins also release stress.  I am a firm believer that working out is a great way to destress, and maybe let some built up tension out.
  • Showering: Okay, if I am ever having a bad day or am on the verge of tears, a shower is probably my favorite remedy.  I can always count on a long, hot sh
    My favorite way to destress? Beach!

    ower to calm me down and give me a new perspective on things.

  • Spending time outside: When I stress out, one of the things that makes me feel refreshed is going outside.  Its a great place to study or check some things off your list. The sunlight really does help make you feel a little boost of energy. I love it.
  • Walking around a different environment: This idea is great if you have had a long week.  I was crazy busy last week, but found 15 minutes to walk around a cute boutique in Waco.  After walking out of the store, I felt completely refreshed.  Just the change of scenery from my usually schedule was just what I needed.

What are your tips on keeping your life stress free?


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