My New Favorite Way to Reduce Stress

Hi friends! Hope your week is going well. I am staying busy as ever, which is great, right?   I’m super excited because the temperatures are finally warming up (and staying warm); which means more weekends spent outside or by the pool! However, sometimes, I do find myself getting caught up in little projects and letting anxiety and stress creep up on me.

In the last few weeks, I have been drinking 10x more coffee than normal and working out less often that I ever have.  I started thinking that something needs to change.  Yoga helps, but it makes me veryyyy sleepy (especially the meditation part). Coffee makes me productive but then I can’t sleep at night, and it makes my anxiety skyrocket.  So its kind of a catch 22: either I can be distressed and sleepy, or productive and wired.  Either of these options seemed to leave me stressed, though.

Then, I came across some Goodbye Stress Vitamins from OLLY.  These little fruity gummy vitamins claim that they can help reduce your stress levels with the help of three key ingredients:

  • Gaba: This quickly boosts alpha brainwaves to combat against stress and promote relaxation.
  • L-Theanine: This amino acid helps to support Gaba by aiding the alpha waves.
  • Lemon Balm: This botanical helps to calm your mind down.

Before I started taking these vitamins, I was skeptical, but a bit desperate. Getting minimal sleep every night was getting old, fast.  But, how could these vitamins solve my stress issues? I put them in my cart anyways and bought them-what did I have to lose? I wanted to say goodbye to stress.

The first day I tried them, I took the recommended dose (two, as needed) and was surprised.  They tasted amazing, not chemically processed like other vitamins I had tried in the past.  Then, I noticed myself feeling less tense and stressed about the little things.  Granted, it was a Saturday, and I was just laying around.  Within about an hour of taking two vitamins, the big stresses didn’t seem so big anymore.

After taking them for a couple of days, I noticed my overall stress levels were lower than they had been in a while.  I was running late one morning and forgot to take my stress vitamins; it seemed like the whole day was long and I felt tense overall.  I have begun to notice a difference on the days I take these and the days I don’t take them; and let me tell ya: taking these makes my days a little bit easier.

I read some reviews on these before trying them and found that others claimed it worked as well; however, if you aren’t sure about these stress vitamins, make sure to do your research beforehand. Some are going to be more sensitive to the active ingredients in these stress vitamins than others.

You can find these vitamins at GNC, Target or on Olly’s website.

Big thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole of STONECOLDBETCH, for doing a review on these vitamins, I have to agree that they are great. If you would like to read her review on these vitamins, click here.

NOTE: I am not a doctor; however, if you are on other medications, make sure to consult with your physician before trying these out.  Once again, I am not a doctor and not recommending that you take these, I am simply sharing my experience.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written because I actually enjoyed these products; I was not paid or compensated to write this post or to try the vitamins.  I purchased them with my own money and I am just writing this to tell others about a great product that I found helps reduce stress.


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