Spring Break Memories!

I just got home from one of the funnest weeks ever!  It was my last spring break, so this year I actually did something other than just sit in front of the TV and watch Friends.  I flew out to Florida to visit my roommate and some friends!  Although I was only there for a short time, we were busy soaking up those sun rays and exploring her home state.

Day 1:IMG_9316

I flew in on Monday, so we all just hung out.  I was very excited to get on that plane and travel to the beach.  The early flight was worth the extra time in the sun later on. When I
got there, we went to this cute place called Bahama Breeze… I definitely recommend! Then we went back to my roommate’s home and laid out in the sun until it was time for dinner.

Day 2:

We had a Disney day.  We got up early and drove to Orlando where we went to the Happiest Place On Earth, as some call it.  Instead of going to Magic Kingdom, we decided on Animal Kingdom for the day. I had so much fun going with my friends. I had been this past summer with Drew, but it was still fun going with the girls, too!

Ready for the rollercoaster!!

After a long day of walking (almost 8 miles!), we stayed the night at the Hilton.  It was great to get back to the hotel and relax from the long day. Plus the view of the pool was pretty great, too!

Day 3:

We explored Disney Springs and went shopping. I had so much fun walking around and enjoying a bit of a slower day today. Katherine introduced us to this cool restaurant called Homecoming.  The drinks were amazing and they had delicious food as well! I always love walking around Disney Springs. After a long day at the park, its a nice change of pace since there aren’t as many people in Disney Springs.

Enjoying yummy food and drinks at Homecoming!

We headed back to Katherine’s house that afternoon and spent the few remaining hours of sunlight on the beach.

Mojitos on our last night in Florida.

Day 4:

We hung out at Katherine’s house that morning and went to the beach before I had to pack up.  For lunch, we went to Clearwater Beach and ate at this amazing restaurant called Jimmy Hula’s! They had the best baja bowls… I have been craving one since I got back. After lunch we walked around a bit before I had to head off to the airport. I flew out on Thursday, but I still had so much fun.

Getting a Polaroid camera for the trip was a great idea.

I definitely recommend a girls trip to Florida any time. Before going on this trip, I only knew Katherine, I didn’t really know the other girls; but now I feel like we are good friends! It was nice being out of classes and on the beach for a few days.


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