Graduation Planning

2 months, 7 days and 1 hour. That is how long I have until I get to walk across that stage… not that I am counting down or anything!  I have just started to realize how little time I

Lilly and I on a walk through campus last summer

have left in college.  I noticed this last week when I was picking up my cap and gown (!) and found myself reflecting on how things have changed since I starte
d classes four years ago.  But that is another post for another day.  Today, I am planning out what happens the day I cross the stage. There is a lot goes into finishing college, just like there is a lot that goes into starting college.

I am blessed to say that my little is writing my graduation announcements, but I have found some inspiration on Pinterest in terms of design and art. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. DIY grad announcement
  2. Fun floral announcement
  3. Modern calligraphy announcement

My mom and I started planning out the Waco graduation reception
. Cake and fruit trays will be perfect after the long ceremony, especially since we are all planning on going back to Dallas afterward. Here are a few decor ideas I pinned for the little reception:

I have a couple of ideas for my dress.  I have always wanted to graduate in Lilly, but they have so many cute designs.  I’m still in the process of choosing which one I like best, but here are some of the finalists:

It is totally crazy that this day is almost here.  I have been dreaming about it for more than four years now.  I am so excited to see all of my close friends and family in one place to see me on (one of) the most important days of my life… its crazy exciting!!


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