20 Facts About Me

My sisters and I by our letters.  Taken in 2015.

Since you probably don’t know me very well, I wanted to tell you 20 things about me.  I found this idea on Pinterest and love it! So here it goes:

  1. I love corgis.  I have always wanted one and think they are the cutest little puppies!
  2. Ulta is one of my favorite stores.  Okay, okay… I probably sound super #basic, but it is such a fun store.
  3. Netflix is probably my biggest time-waster.  This is the reason I don’t get enough sleep!
  4. One time on vacation, I jumped in the ocean to swim with sharks.  I was on a glass-bottom boat in the Bahamas and the captain showed us sharks that we were floating over.  He jokingly asked “who wants to jump in?” and, well, I did!
  5. I love Chipotle, but thats no secret.
  6. Instagram is my favorite social media app.
  7. I have broken my cheek bone before… but thats another story for another day.
  8. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Whoever had the idea to put lights in a tree was a genius.
  9. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.
  10. My personal style ranges from “athleisure” to “sorority girl at a music festival.”
  11. I am very organized.
  12. My favorite stores are Nordstrom, Lilly Pulitzer and Lululemon.
  13. I really want a tattoo one day, but know that I am too stupid to get anything inked on my skin right now.
  14. Most days I prefer mimosas to liquor.
  15. I hope to get married to my boyfriend one day.
  16. Driving and running is something I love doing when I’m stressed.
  17. Polaroids are so cute.
  18. I am in a sorority, and am getting a grandlittle this year (holla!).
  19. Cupcakes are my favorite desert.
  20. I am learning how to cook and bake before I graduate.



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